Gratitude for the drought

Here, in the southwest, we thirst for water. The mountains hold our water as snow and ice for the next run-off.  Rather than pray for rain, ask what you can do today to celebrate life from this place of gratitude.

Enter the silence where you are grateful for rainwater as well as grateful for the drought that scares you.

Say “thank you” for the rain.  Say “thank you” for the drought. Say “thank you” for life itself and the opportunity to find love within it.  Trust that the Creator knows what is best. Express your trust and faith in a Higher Power with your own voice.

Greet each day at sunrise with a prayer of gratitude and appreciation for your life and the opportunity to experience it in this good way.  Where do you feel that deep appreciation?

Rest there.  Relax there.  Listen there.

Stay in that place within your body where you feel deeply grateful for the water you have available to you right now; every drink, every morsel of food, every time you can wipe your table, every time you wash your hands and feel clean again, every bath, every soothing wet wash cloth on a feverish brow.

Bless the water you have with a loving heart. Pray for the relations that are suffering without the water they need to quench their thirst and offer them a drink from your well.  You breathe the same air. You fear the same things. You risk living for the sake of being alive. You create the beauty you behold. You are of the earth and the Earth is you. You share the elements, the minerals, the seasons, and the mystery of life on Earth.

Merge with what is happening now and be part of the mystery. Welcome the snow and rain with open heart. Welcome the drought with grace.

Meet the water with the fire of compassion, courage and humility.  Meet the water with a willingness to be part of this experience.

If you suppress the fire you suppress the water.

Offer your fear of not enough water to the fire of gratitude for all life.

Let gratitude and generosity be your alter for your prayer.

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